Dear Rugby Fans,

Get ready to dust off your jerseys and raise a pint, because the Guinness Six Nations Rugby tournament kicks off this weekend, and we’re bringing you all the action live! As we gear up for this thrilling competition, let’s delve into what makes the Six Nations so special.

For many of us, the Six Nations is more than just a rugby tournament—it’s a tradition deeply ingrained in pub culture. It’s a time to gather with friends, cheer on your nation, and revel in the electric atmosphere of the game. For some, like myself, it holds a special place in our hearts, reminiscent of cherished memories with loved ones. My late father Thomas had a passion for rugby, playing locally for Havant, and the Six Nations was one of his favorite times of the year. In honor of him, let’s come together to celebrate the spirit of this incredible tournament.

The Six Nations promises fierce competition, with each nation vying for the coveted title. While it’s anyone’s game, traditional powerhouses like England, Ireland, and Wales are expected to be strong contenders. However, let’s not count out the underdogs, as teams like Scotland, France, and Italy have the talent and determination to cause upsets and shake up the standings.

As the tournament unfolds, keep an eye on the star players who will light up the pitch with their skill and athleticism. From the lightning-fast breaks of Johnny Sexton to the bone-crunching tackles of Maro Itoje, these athletes are sure to leave us breathless with their performances.

But perhaps what makes the Six Nations truly special is the reignition of old rivalries. Whether it’s the historic clash between England and Scotland in the Calcutta Cup, the intense battles between Ireland and Wales, or the passionate encounters between France and Italy, every match is steeped in tradition and national pride.

So, leave dry January behind and join us at the pub to cheer on your favorite nation! Let’s raise a glass to Thomas and embrace the excitement of the greatest rugby tournament on earth.

Here’s to an unforgettable Six Nations!

All The Rounds Live at The Blue Bell

Round 1

Friday 2nd February – 20:00 – France v. Ireland

Saturday 3rd February – 14:15 – Italy v. England

Saturday 3rd February – 16:45 – Wales v. Scotland

Round 2

Saturday 10th February – 14:15 – Scotland v. France

Saturday 10th February – 16:45 – England v. Wales

Sunday 11th February – 15:00 – Ireland v. Italy

Round 3

Saturday 24th February – 14:15 – Ireland v. Wales

Saturday 24th February – 16:45 – Scotland v. England

Sunday 25th February – 15:00 – France v. Italy

Round 4

Saturday 9th March – 14:15 – Italy v. Scotland

Saturday 9th March – 16:45 – England v. Ireland

Sunday 10th March – 15:00 – Wales v. France

Round 5

Saturday 16th March – 14:15 – Wales v. Italy

Saturday 16th March – 16:45 – Ireland v. Scotland

Saturday 16th March – 20:00 – France v. England