Our new stout, The Bishop Slayer available now at The Blue Bell Emsworth!

Once famous for its oysters, Emsworth’s reputation was dragged into the mud in 1902 after the Dean of Winchester Cathedral, The Very Reverend William Stephens, died of food poisoning following a banquet containing oysters from the town.

His death was attributed to the somewhat unhygienic conditions in Emsworth harbour and sparked the Great Oyster Crisis of 1903! In these more enlightened times, the oyster is making a comeback with the help and dedication of The Solent Oyster Project and soon, members of The Clergy (and everyone else) will be able to safely consume this fabled local mollusc once more.

Bishop Slayer has been produced for The Blue Bell Inn, the former favourite haunt of the local fishermen in Emsworth – located just yards from the quay where the catches were unloaded. This rich, intense stout is made with fresh south coast oysters that impart a deep, layered minerality and smooth mouthfeel to the blend of 5 speciality malts – crafted by those clever chaps at Staggeringly Good Ales, god bless ‘em!

Ingredients: Barley, Hops, Yeast, Water, oysters
Allergens: Malted barley, oysters