As we continue in lock down, these are very strange times we live in, it’s a haunting time going in closed pub every day. We are missing our customers and daily interaction but we know the action the government is taking, is the best course of action to save lives! 

We will be chomping at the bit to reopen when it is safe to but in the meantime we know that you have been  missing us too and thats why we have launched our Frozen Meal Service which has been very popular.


  • Lasagna £6
    Inspired by what Giles’ Mum used to serve him as a boy this rich classic lasagne is just like Mumma used to make! 
  • Vegetarian pumpkin and goats cheese lasagna £6
    Vegetarian lasagne, made with butternut squash, courgettes and mixed peppers in a rich tomato sauce layered with creamy bechamel and goats cheese
  • HOT chilli con Carne £6
    Not for the faint hearted this powerful chilli is packed full of flavour 
  • Fish Pie £6
    A combination of salmon, smoked haddock, cod in a creamy sauce topped with mash and cheese.
  • Cottage Pie £6
    Classic cottage pie with a rich gravy topped with mash and cheese
  • Bolognese £6 
    classic italian dish made from, minced beef, tomatoes, garlic, wine and herbs.
  • Steak & Guinness stew and mash £7 
    Prime British beef steak stewed with vegetables and a rich guinness gravy served with buttery mash

Our cook at home oven ready King Prawns with chilli, garlic and fresh spices are also proving popular, these are available to preorder for a Friday and Saturday!  £7 small, £14 large 

Our chutneys are also available for collection!

We will also have weekly specials, highlighting our fabulous local suppliers. You can find out more about these by signing up to our emails.

Currently you can order through the amazing ‘Emsworth Alliance’ along with other products from a mixture of Emsworth’s High Street & Shops. 

You can also arrange a pick up any morning from Blue Bell between 10am and 11am. Payment can be made by Bacs or Card.  

All Ready Meals detailed below they come frozen, defrost day before and put in oven 40mins 180 degrees. Ensure they are piping hot. For allergies please contact for details.